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  • Discussing some motivations behind a particle physics FAQ

    Particle physics is in the middle of a quandary. Let’s use it to catch up on all that we’ve missed.

  • Credibility on the web

    There are a finite number of sources from which anyone receives information. The most prominent among them are media houses (incl. newspapers, news channels, radio stations, etc.) and scientific journals (at least w.r.t. the subjects I work with). Seen one way, these establishments generate the information that we receive. Without them, stories would remain localized,…

  • The Markovian Mind

    In many ways, human engagement with information happens in such a manner that, with the accumulation of information over time, the dataset constructed out of the latest volume of information has the strongest relationship of any kind with the consecutively next dataset – a Markovian trait. At any point of time, the future state of…