This is a permanent record of the people whose work I can vouch for, who have given me a leg-up and the tools that help me live better. It was inspired by Ann Friedman.

Peers and collaborators

Giants on whose shoulders…

  • Lalitha akka, for the lessons
  • Anil Ananthaswamy, for the clarity
  • Thana Al Ansari, for the company
  • Thomas Manuel, for the stories
  • Usha R. & Natasha V., for the guidance
  • Siddharth Varadarajan, for the faith
  • Varun Vohra, for the second chance


  • Apple Music
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Digital Ocean
  • Cloudflare
  • StackExchange
  • WordPress
  • Substack
  • Kingdom Rush
  • Factorio

This list will be updated from time to time.