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  • SSC: Addendum

    It’s wonderful how the mind has a way of cultivating clarity in the background, away from the gaze of the mind’s eye and as the mind itself is preoccupied with other thoughts, on matters considered only a few days ago to be too complicated to synthesise into a unified whole. Recap: On February 14, the New […]

  • Slate Star Codex: No time for malice

    This post benefited from valuable input and feedback from Thomas Manuel. To the uninitiated: Scott Alexander Siskind is a noted member of the international community of rationalists and wrote the once-celebrated blog Slate Star Codex. I use the past tense because Siskind used to write this blog from the relative obscurity afforded by using only his […]

  • Elementary P v. NP

    Elementary P v. NP

    One episode of the TV show ‘Elementary’ involves three mathematicians and a race to solve the P-versus-NP problem.