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Tech solutions to household labour are also problems

Access to leisure is crucial in the climate crisis era, and technological solutions bereft of social change won’t help.


Bharat Biotech gets 1/10 for tweet

If I had been Bharat Biotech’s teacher and “Where is your data?” had been an examination question, Bharat Biotech would have received 1 out of 10 marks. The correct answer to where is your data can take one of two forms: either an update in the form of where the data is in the data-processing […]

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The chrysalis that isn’t there

I wrote the following post while listening to this track. Perhaps you will enjoy reading it to the same sounds. Otherwise, please consider it a whimsical recommendation. 🙂 I should really start keeping a log of different stories in the news all of which point to the little-acknowledged but only-evident fact that science – like […]


What’s common to #yesallwomen, scripta manent, good journalism and poka-yoke?

A professing of intelligence without continuous practice can, and will, occasionally legitimise immature thinking.