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  • The government’s enblightenment

    The GMO debate is a fascinating object, even though participating in it often amounts to nothing but pain, frustration and lost time – especially if you’re pro-GMO foods. It’s fascinating because it’s one of a kind: one party has science on its side but little else, including good science outreach, and the other has sociology […]

  • GM crops, etc.

    GM crops, etc.

    How does it make sense to grate against Bt cotton and Bt brinjal in order to discourage the introduction of GM mustard?

  • Corrected: ‘Life’s Greatest Secret’ by Matthew Cobb

    ‘Life’s Greatest Secret’ focuses on those efforts to explore the DNA that were only a sideshow in ‘The Gene’ but possess intrigues of their own.

  • Curious Bends – commoner panthers, space diplomacy, big data sells big cars and more

    Curious Bends is a weekly newsletter about science, tech., data and India. Akshat Rathi and I curate it. You can subscribe to it here. If have feedback, suggestions, or would just generally like to get in touch, just email us. 1. Why the GM debate in India won’t abate It is a sign of its inadequacy […]

  • Let’s unMonsanto the debate.

    On August 28, I had the opportunity to attend a discussion on the BRAI Bill, currently in Lok Sabha. It was held at The Hindu, and attended by some of my colleagues and some representatives from the Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE). The point of the discussion according to ABLE, which had arranged it, was […]