Backfiring biofuels in the EU

A version of this article as written by me appeared in The Hindu on November 8, 2012. — The European Union (EU) announced on October 17 that the amount of biofuels that will be required to make up the transportation energy mix by 2020 has been halved from 10 per cent to 5 per cent.┬áTheContinue reading “Backfiring biofuels in the EU”

A note on the Nobel Peace Prize, 2012

Across six decades, the European Union has stressed repeatedly on the importance of democracy and human rights. In the process, it set up a system that offered great humanitarian, and therefore popular, benefits to nations willing to join it. In return, it asked for the nations to stop warring, start talking, and get voting. Today,Continue reading “A note on the Nobel Peace Prize, 2012”