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  • New LHC data puts ‘new physics’ lead to bed

    New LHC data puts ‘new physics’ lead to bed

    One particle in the big zoo of subatomic particles is the B meson. It has a very short lifetime once it’s created. In rare instances it decays to three lighter particles: a kaon, a lepton and an anti-lepton. There are many types of leptons and anti-leptons. Two are electrons/anti-electrons and muons/anti-muons. According to the existing […]

  • The awesome limits of superconductors

    On June 24, a press release from CERN said that scientists and engineers working on upgrading the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) had “built and operated … the most powerful electrical transmission line … to date”. The transmission line consisted of four cables – two capable of transporting 20 kA of current and two, 7 kA. […]

  • Atoms within atoms

    It’s a matter of some irony that forces that act across larger distances also give rise to lots of empty space – although the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. The force of gravity, for example, can act across millions of kilometres but this only means two massive objects can still […]

  • Good writing is an atom

    The act of writing well is like an atom, or the universe. There is matter but it is thinly distributed, with lots of empty space in between. Removing this seeming nothingness won’t help, however. Its presence is necessary for things to remain the way they are and work just as well. Similarly, writing is not […]

  • ‘Weak charge’ measurement holds up SM prediction

    Various dark matter detectors around the world, massive particle accelerators and colliders, powerful telescopes on the ground and in space all have their distinct agendas but ultimately what unites them is humankind’s quest to understand what the hell this universe is on about. There are unanswered questions in every branch of scientific endeavour that will […]

  • Weyl semimetals make way for super optics

    Weyl semimetals make way for super optics

    A Weyl semimetal is a crystal whose lattice has the uncommon ability to carry electrical energy at room temperature.

  • Amorphous topological insulators

    Amorphous topological insulators

    Physicists from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, have found that topological insulators needn’t always be crystals – as has been thought.

  • Physicists could have to wait 66,000 yottayears to see an electron decay

    Physicists could have to wait 66,000 yottayears to see an electron decay

    An electron’s lifetime is predicted by prevalent theory that physicists would like to see disproved