Indian coder, lawyer take on Israeli company’s threats

The Wire June 16, 2015 On June 9, The Wire broke the story of a Bengaluru-based programmer who’d revealed that an Israeli company was injecting malicious JavaScript code into websites visited on Airtel’s 3G network. Thejesh GN had uploaded the script and screenshots of where he found it was being injected on his website to GitHub on … Read more

Israeli firm strong-arms Indian techie for exposing suspicious code

The Wire June 9, 2015 In an intriguing case of abuse, a Bengaluru-based programmer was on Monday threatened with a criminal lawsuit for attempting to expose an avaricious program that violated net neutrality. On June 3, Thejesh GN, an activist and programmer, published screenshots and some text explaining how the Airtel 3G network was inserting … Read more