Drama along the line of sight

TIL one reason some of us are so dejected and furious at the TV when in, a cricket match being telecast live, a fielder appears to miss catching the ball even though it looks like he easily could have. A.k.a. why my grandpa loses his shit when M.S. Dhoni won’t chase a ball that has … Read more

After-math of the IPL

Yes, we all know the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) won the Indian Premier League 2014, but who among all the teams’ many players really did well? And were they awarded for it? The former is a decidedly subjective question based on what you consider goodness in a cricketer – especially one playing in a new format … Read more

After-math of the Ashes

In the recently concluded Ashes test series, England retained the urn by beating Australia 3-0 in five games. England always looked the more confident team, reinforced as well as evinced by the confidence each player had on every other. They batted well, they bowled well, they fielded well. Australian players, on the other hand, looked … Read more