The intricacies of being sold on string theory

If you are seeking an appreciation for the techniques of string theory, then Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe could be an optional supplement. If, on the other hand, you want to explore the epistemological backdrop against which string theory proclaimed its aesthetic vigor, then the book is a must-read. As the title implies, it discusses the…… Continue reading The intricacies of being sold on string theory

The most beautiful places on Earth

I use a plug-in on my browser (Chrome) called Earth View from Google Maps. Every time I open a new tab, the plug-in substitutes the bland background with a beautiful top-view of some place as spotted in Google Maps. Even though I hate travelling, some of the places I’ve seen via Earth View make me…… Continue reading The most beautiful places on Earth

The transparency of public transportation

My favorite thing about New York city? The subway. The New York city subway system is very decentralized. Its stations are the only front-facing components while its technical infrastructure is obscured from view. As a result, public consciousness of the system depends on how easily navigable the subway stations are and how transient the experience of using it is.…… Continue reading The transparency of public transportation

Dying in a finite universe

In his book Infinite In All Directions (2002), Freeman Dyson, one of the tallest intellectual giants of our times, attempts to rescue eschatology from the specious grip of religion and teleology with a mix of scientific reasoning and informed speculation. During this, when describing the big crunch, which is one way our universe could end, he moves smoothly from the rational track he has been sprinting on to a less exact but more pertinent and romantic description.