WordPress’s ineptitude

As some of you might know, I’ve been having some issues with WordPress.com in terms of their UX, their service as well as a few outages. I’ve been on the platform for almost a decade now, during which my account has been suspended twice for different reasons and, more recently, my blog was taken down for brief periods owing to disputes over content copyright. I know WordPress is not malicious – but it has certainly been inept, especially given the changes the platform has been undergoing in preparation for their major Gutenberg release. But I’ve reached a point where I’m no longer okay with tolerating such ineptitude.

So on January 5, 2018, I moved my blog out of WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress setup with KnownHost, a managed WordPress hosting provider. They had a bulk purchase sale going, so I bought a 12-month subscription for about $100. This is the new blog – with all the archives intact. I’m planning to shut down Gaplogs.net permanently on February 1, 2018. I’ve also moved most of my subscribers over to the new blog except for those who signed up to read my blog via email. These subscribers have now been moved to MailChimp (and that’s how you’re getting this email). Please make sure the emails don’t end up in your spam folder. There’s also an option to sign up in the sidebar in case you want to get on board with a different ID.

Happy 2018!