32 days and counting

It’s been 32 days since I’ve been able to write in that half-ranting half-jargon-dropping style that’s always been the clearest indication that I’m excited about something (yes, my writing tells me things I can’t otherwise figure out). In the last three weeks, I’ve written three pieces for The Wire, and all of them were coughed-spluttered-staccatoed out. I dearly miss the flow and 32 days is the longest it’s been gone.

I’m not sure which one the causes are and which the effect – but periods of the block are also accompanied by the inability to think things through, being scatter-brained and easily distracted, and a sense of general disinterestedness. And when I can’t write normally, I can’t read or ideate normally either; even the way I’ve ratified and edited submissions for The Wire took a toll.

I’ve tried everything that’s worked in the past to clear the block but nothing has worked. I tried writing more, reading more, cathartic music; moving around, meeting people, changes of scenery; got into a routine I’ve traditionally reserved for phases like this, a diet, some exercise. This is frightening – I need a new solution and I’ve no idea where to look. Do you just wait for your block to fade or do you have a remedy for it?

Featured image credit: Matthias Ripp/Flickr, CC BY 2.0.