Calling 2015

It might still be too soon to call it but 2015 was a great year, far better than the fiasco 2014 was. Ups and downs and all that, but what ups they were have been. I thought I’d list them out just to be able to put a finger on all that I’ve dealt with and been dealt with.


  1. Launched The Wire (only Siddharth and Vignesh know my struggle at 5 am on May 11 to get the domain mapped properly)
  2. Wrote a lot of articles, and probably the most in a year about the kind of stuff that really interests me (history of science, cosmology, cybersec)
  3. Got my reading habit back (somewhat)
  4. Found two awesome counselors and a psychologist, absolutely wonderful people
  5. … who helped me get a great handle on my depression and almost completely get rid of it
  6. Managed to hold on to a job for more than four months for the first time since early 2014 (one of the two companies that hired me in between is now shut, so not my fault?)
  7. Didn’t lose any of my friends – in fact, made six really good new ones!
  8. Didn’t have to put up with a fourth The Hobbit movie (I’m sure Tauriel’s lines would’ve had Tolkien doing spinarooneys in his grave)

and others.


  1. Acquired an addiction
  2. Didn’t have a Tolkien story releasing on the big screen 10 days before my birthday)
  3. Grandpa passed away (though I don’t wish he’d stayed on for longer either – he was in a lot of pain before he died) as did an uncle
  4. Chennai floods totalled my Macbook Pro (and partially damaged my passport)
  5. Stopped sending out the Curious Bends newsletter
  6. My vomit-free streak ended after eight years
  7. Still feel an impostor
  8. Didn’t discover any major fantasy series to read (which sucks because Steven Erikson publishes one book only every two years)

and others.

Lots to look forward to in 2016; five things come immediately to mind:

  • Move to Delhi
  • Continue contributing to The Wire
  • Visit a world-renowned particle accelerator lab
  • Await, purchase and devour Erikson’s new book (Fall of Light, book #2 of the Kharkhanas Trilogy)
  • Await new Planck and LHC data (kind of a big deal when you’re able to move away from notions of nerdiness or academic specialisation and toward the idea that the data will provide you – a human – a better idea of the cosmos that surrounds you, that is you)

About Me

I’m a science editor and writer in India, interested in high-energy and condensed-matter physics, research misconduct, pseudoscience, science’s relationship with society, epic fantasy, open source/access/knowledge systems, H.R. Giger’s art, Goundamani’s comedy, Factorio, and most things that require a lot of time to get the hang of.