Hello and welcome to my personal blog. I’m a science reporter and blogger at The Hindu, an Indian national daily. I’m interested in high-energy physics, the history and philosophy of science, and photography. When no one’s looking, I fiddle with code and call myself a programmer. I enjoy working with the infrastructure that props up newsrooms.

(I can’t delete this post because Walter Murch has commented on it.)

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  1. Hello Vasudevan: I have been following your blog for a year, since your analysis of the July 2012 announcement about the Higgs. I have just returned from Doc/Fest in Sheffield where we (I am a film editor) premiered “Particle Fever” – a documentary about the LHC and its search for New Physics.


    Thank you very much for your clear and informative writing on the subject of particle physics.

    Walter Murch

    • Hello, Mr. Murch, thank you very much for your comment. It made my day. I found out about ‘Particle Fever’ about two days ago, and ever since, it has been on my list of films to watch soon. I, like you, am a physics autodidact and I think it’s great what you’ve done to visualize such a grand endeavor. I’ve seen your comments on my other blog, but I hardly thought you’d be the man behind ‘Particle Fever’. I wish you all the luck for your project. If there’s anything I can do, just say the word. 🙂