Nationality of news

Just saw this news-tweet by the Hindustan Times:

Clicking on the link and opening the news-report, I see that it was a team of scientists led by one of Indian-origin who made the discovery. Moreover, the existence of supermassive black holes has been known for a long time now, so saying “Indian scientist discovers giant supermassive black holes” is misleading.

This tendency to focus on the nationality of the leading researcher behind the discovery is detrimental to science journalism. It seems as if the nationality had a bearing on the development being reported. What if the person’s nationality was unavailable? Would the development still have been reported? Is anyone responsible looking at if the development merits reporting? If so, why aren’t other similar developments being reported?

Further: this shouldn’t be considered an instance of science journalism at all. If there are any surveys out there looking at the ratio of science news in a newspaper or on the website against the total quanta of all the news that the publication reports, such articles shouldn’t be considered in the account of the former.

(Also, if you observe, the last three paragraphs have become a staple-insertion in most posts, articles, reports, etc., concerning the discovery of supermassive black holes.)