Yes, I had $50.

Last week, I paid $50 to sign up for entrepreneur Dalton Caldwell‘s new start-up I wouldn’t have found the service by myself until it’d have been too late for me to get on their bandwagon early – and getting early on a promising bandwagon is something I’ve always missed out on. So, on a friend’s advice, I signed up for the alpha as a paying member (the other tier being paying developer), and went about finding out what really I’d signed up for. I know, it sounds stupid.

From where I was looking, – by leaving out advertisers – provided access to more definition for developers to work with. Sure, it looks like Twitter for now, but I’m hoping that in the near future, it could yield a unified service through which I could manage my entire web-based social graph in real-time.

I’m not a developer. Sure, I can navigate through the world of developers, but I’d only be a tourist at the most. What I am at heart is an information-collator and -distributor. I read almost 50 articles on various topics every day, and that’s just opinion/analysis pieces. News is separate. More than anything, I’d be thrilled if I had someway to represent myself through these commodities (like I’m doing now by sharing links and blurbs on Facebook and short quips on Twitter) in a more tractable manner.

Not to mention: I’d also like it if I was able to customize what I had to offer and serve it differently. For instance, Twitter-lists is a concept that comes closest to tracking, in real-time, news on my favorite subjects from my favorite commentators. However, Twitter’s social infrastructure has left the possibilities arising out of that fragmented. Imagine, instead, how great it’d be if I could set up one platform from atop which multiple authors could share their favorite reads in real-time, which readers could then customize and consume.

Perhaps I’m going too far, perhaps I’m imagining things, but I’d like to think such things will become possible, and that will have a role to play in it. Sure, I had $50, and I could just be trying to salvage the sense in my decision right now. However, if I hadn’t thought these and such things would be possible, I wouldn’t have spent the money I’d saved up to buy some hosting space for this blog.