Hypothesis of unequal perception

Let’s say there are two people talking: X and Y. X has three kinds of knowledge: Basic, Pertinent, Abstracted. Y has only two kinds of knowledge: Basic, Pertinent. S1: If Y argues that X’s knowledge of the abstracted does not qualify him to be more knowledgeable than Y on qualitative terms because it is not… Continue reading Hypothesis of unequal perception


An experiment in propositional calculus

Q: Are truths simply objective reasons whose truth-values may or may not be verifiable? A: This question seems to possess a native paradox, but that simply arises from a logical error in the semantics: we can’t address unverifiable statements as “truths”. Instead, they are logically contingent statements. Even so: As Wittgenstein says in the preface… Continue reading An experiment in propositional calculus

A clock without a craftsman

Curiosity can be devastating on the pocket. Curiosity without complete awareness has the likelihood of turning fatal. At first, for example, there was nothing. Then, there was a book called The Feynman Lectures on Physics (Vol. 3) (Rs. 214) in class XII. Then, there was great interest centered on the man named Richard Feynman, and so,… Continue reading A clock without a craftsman

What passes for money

How many things will pass for money? Investment and disinvestment are both aimed at regulating growth from one sector to another, but at higher benefit-to-cost ratios, such moves will fail. Two important cases in point: cap-and-trade in reducing GHG emissions and levying a fee to pursue unauthorized constructions (in cities like Chennai). The confounding factors… Continue reading What passes for money

Justice in Gotham City

History The history of Gotham city is not unlike many American cities’ during British colonial rule. It was founded in 1635 by a Norwegian mercenary and was later taken over by the British, changing hands various times over the years. According to Alan Moore, the famous cartoonist and creator of such titles as Watchmen and… Continue reading Justice in Gotham City

Signs of a slowdown

The way ahead for particle physics seems dully lit after CERN's fourth-of-July firecracker. The Higgs announcement got everyone in the physics community excited - and spurred a frenzied submission of pre-prints all rushing to explain the particle's properties. However, that excitement quickly died out after ICHEP '12 was presented with nothing significant, even with anything… Continue reading Signs of a slowdown

A dilemma of the auto-didact

If publishers could never imagine that there are people who could teach themselves particle physics, why conceive cheaper preliminary textbooks and ridiculously expensive advanced textbooks? Learning vector physics for classical mechanics costs Rs. 245 while progressing then to analytical mechanics involves an incurrence of Rs. 4,520. Does the cost barrier exist because the knowledge is… Continue reading A dilemma of the auto-didact